Here’s your online weight loss club to lose weight fast and keep it off forever so you can finally have the happy, healthy body you deserve

I get it…the journey to weight loss can be frustrating, confusing and down right disappointing

After spending years desperate and struggling to lose my own weight, I know a thing or two about how you might be feeling right now…

➡️ I spent too long hiding behind others in pictures because I felt so self-conscious about my size

➡️ I was always tired and got short of breath doing simple things like walking up stairs

➡️ I hated buying new clothes because I knew I always had to buy the extra large size

➡️ Looking at myself in the mirror naked always made me cringe (especially the side view)

➡️ I felt heavy, weighed down and uncomfortable in my body 

➡️ And I pretty much lived in elastic-waist sweatpants (and not the cute/fashionable kind)

➡️ I was done with riding up and down on the weight loss roller coaster and needed to get my life back together so I could feel comfortable in my own skin 

The Struggle. Was. All. The. Way. Real.

“I have lost over 20lbs doing your workouts…”

I have been struggling with my weight for for about six years. I was doing Zumba and some other works on YouTube but nothing that made me want it to—I was just doing it. So I searched for other Latin dance workouts and I came across your Latin dance workout and I freaking loved it. Then I tried another one and became hooked. Your videos are fun and easy to learn and your energy is fantastic. I have lost over 20 lbs doing your workouts, so thank you for motivating me and keeping me motivated. – Tia Kyles

In case we haven’t met, allow me to quickly introduce myself:

I’m Ashley

And it wasn’t too long ago that I was sitting in my doctor’s office stunned and discouraged because I gained 30 lbs of unhealthy and unwanted weight
It didn’t seem to matter that I tried pretty much every diet under the sun which left me starved and moody 
I also spent countless hours killing myself on the treadmill [which I hated with a passion]
My doctor said “eat right and exercise”—but that felt so vague and I didn’t know how to make that work for me long term
I feared getting even heavier and worried what my future would look like
I didn’t want to be stuck taking dozens of medications [like most of my family members] just to function “normally” throughout the day
I didn’t want to feel like I had no control over what happened to my body
I felt guilty and embarrassed for allowing myself to even get to that point,

And I kept asking myself, “How the heck did this happen to me?”

Sound Familiar?

After burning out BIG TIME, I decided to get serious and take my health into my own hands

I trained to became a certified fitness and weight loss coach where I learned about the power of having a fun, easy to follow plan that is both approachable and sustainable so that you get real results without giving up your favorite foods or suffering through workouts you dread

And this is a concept I WISH someone would’ve explained to me at the start of my journey

It could’ve saved me years of shame, weight gain, stress, low self-esteem and poor health

That’s why I have put all of my knowledge and expertise into my coaching —- so you no longer have to feel how I felt

And as a coach, I’ve created a fun, effective, sustainable formula that works really well

So how did I lose over 30 lbs in few months and take back control over my health (and life?)

Say Hello to…

A fun online weight loss program to help you build the healthy, more confident, dream body you deserve [WITHOUT giving up pizza or chocolate and spending hours in the gym]

[Exclusive for bold, vibrant, positive women who love to dance]

This is for you if you’re done with: 
❌ Sacrificing your entire life to the gym
❌ Suffering through long, boring workouts with little to no success
❌ Feeling so exhausted that you can’t be the super mom/wife/student/woman you need to be 
❌ Feeling stressed out and unmotivated all time 
❌ Obsessing over the scale and wondering if it’ll ever budge 
❌ Starving yourself and giving up all the foods you love 
❌ Feeling alone, confused or having no idea how what to do to get real results that last

It’s packed with all the right resources you need to attain your goals and finally make healthy living a long-lasting habit 

Once you join you’ll always have access to all the online content so you can revisit it much as you like 

Here’s what you’ll get when you join the party: 

A Dance-Inspired Workout Calendar for Fast, Safe Weight Loss

Get a done for you 30-day calendar designed to help you lose your next 20 lbs or more! You no longer have to wonder what workouts or exercises to do to see the best results—all you have to do is follow along! 

First-Time Access to my Fun Body Shaping Workouts [+Exclusive Workouts]

Get fit, burn fat and build lean muscle with my fun and effective dance-inspired workouts so that working out and exercise becomes something you crave instead of dread.

The Fat Loss Eating Guide to Creating Healthy, Delicious, and Balanced Meals

Learn how to create healthy, delicious, filling and balanced meals so that you lose weight without calorie counting and while still enjoying your favorite foods [mine are pizza and french fries] 😉

Grocery Guide Essentials to Make Healthy Shopping Quick, Painless and Affordable

No more feeling lost or confused on your next grocery store trip. I show you the exact foods to buy for better weight loss so you can make grocery shopping easier, quicker and less stressful

The Formula to Fast and Easy Meal Prep [without losing your mind]

My special formula to turn those groceries into delicious meals in as little time as possible

Get Motivated and Stay Consistent

Inside the “MOTIVATION HUB”, you’ll learn my secret tricks to get and stay motivated, especially when you’re not feeling it, plus exclusive coaching classes that teach you how to keep off the weight you lose

And Here Are Your 

Party Bonuses 💜

Private Support Group

Get connected with other like-minded women who are rooting for your success, join fun fitness challenges with prizes and feel more supported so you can move forward in your weight loss journey with more confidence.

Exclusive Discounts and Deals

So you save the most on my 1-on-1 coaching packages, master classes and other digital products!

Are You Ready to

Party Off Your Pounds? 

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