Join the 6 week program that has women all over the world craving fitness, crushing their weight loss goals, and partying their pounds off for good

Let’s be honest… you want to lose weight, but the idea of starting your health and fitness journey over again feels so daunting and intimidating 😣

But you know you have to do this now… you have no choice! Right now, you’re sick and tired of…

➡️ Hiding behind others in pictures because you feel so self-conscious about your size

➡️ Exercising 4 times a week and eating healthy but not seeing any real changes in your weight

➡️ Always having to buy the extra large size when shopping for new clothes

➡️ Feeling guilty and embarrassed for allowing yourself to get to this point

➡️ Feeling frustrated because you can’t stick to anything and it seems like you’re always starting over  

Ugh, the struggle is definitely REAL!

But imagine for a moment if things were different

What if…

💜 You were able to go to the back of your closet and grab those jeans you haven’t worn in ages. You slip them on with ease and they’ve never looked and felt so good on you

💜 You woke up every morning with enough energy to blast a rocket—you’re more positive and productive than you’ve felt in years

💜 You checked yourself out every chance you got because you finally LOVE what you see when you look in the mirror

💜 You felt confident enough to wear whatever the hell you want when you want — say hello to more bikini’s, crop tops, shorts and outfits that show off your curves

💜 You could finally enjoy the FREEDOM that comes with conquering weight loss once and for all — you finally have the happy, healthy lifestyle you’ve dreamed of  for so long!

In case we haven’t met, allow me to quickly introduce myself:

I’m Ashley

I specialize in helping women get into the best shape of their lives with dance fitness [& without crazy diets or endless hours exercising] so they feel happier, healthier and more beautiful in their own skin


❌ Sacrificing your entire life to the gym
❌ Suffering through long, boring workouts with little to no success
❌ Feeling so exhausted that you can’t be the super mom/wife/student/woman you need to be
❌ Obsessing over the scale and wondering if it’ll ever budge 
❌ Starving yourself and giving up all the foods you love 

❌ Feeling frustrated and unmotivated all time


“I have lost over 20 lbs doing your workouts…”

I have been struggling with my weight for for about six years. I was doing Zumba and some other works on YouTube but nothing that made me want to do it—I was just doing it. So I searched for other Latin dance workouts and I came across your Latin dance workout and I freaking loved it. Then I tried another one and became hooked. Your videos are fun and easy to learn and your energy is fantastic. I have lost over 20 lbs doing your workouts, so thank you for motivating me and keeping me motivated. – Tia Kyles


“I lost 85 lbs with the help of your videos…”

I found your 1-hour cardio dance workout in YouTube a few months ago and started doing it a few times a week. Then I also came across your Cardio HIIT video more recently and fell in love with the workout. They’re easy to follow [one of my biggest struggles with most dance vids I have found]. I can never get the movements down and end up getting frustrated and quit. But not with yours! I have lost 85 lbs with the help of your videos, so thank you!

You changed my life!! Daryl Banegas

 Are you ready to ditch the weight that’s been holding you back from living your best life possible? 

Then Say Hello to…

A 6 week dance fit program and community to help you jumpstart your weight loss success so you can feel happier, healthier and more self-confident [WITHOUT giving up pizza or chocolate and spending hours in the gym]

[Exclusive for all my fun, bold, and vibrant ladies who love to dance]

This online program is DEFINITELY for you if…
✅ You don’t feel like your best self at your current weight and are on a mission to ditch the pounds that’ve been holding you back for TOO LONG!
✅ You feel like you’ve tried it all and just want to make weight loss easier, more fun and enjoyable 
✅ You love to dance — any other exercise feels like a chore that you don’t want to do
✅ You know you need to do this NOW otherwise you’ll continue to obsess over your size and health 

✅  You don’t have a good plan and are tired of trying to figure it out by yourself

Party Off Your Pounds [POYP] is packed with everything you’ll need to start achieving your goals and finally make healthy living a long-lasting habit 

Here’s what you’ll get when you join the party: 

A 6 Week Workout Plan

Get a done for you 6-week plan designed to help you party your way to better, faster results! You no longer have to wonder what workouts or exercises to do to see the best results—all you have to do is follow along! 

An Easy to Follow Meal Plan

Learn how to create healthy, delicious, filling and balanced meals so that you lose weight without being a slave to calorie counting and while still enjoying your favorite foods [mine are pizza and french fries] 😉

Grocery Guide Essentials to Make Healthy Shopping Quick, Painless and Affordable

No more feeling lost or confused on your next grocery store trip. I show you the exact foods to buy for better weight loss so you can make grocery shopping easier, quicker and less stressful

The Formula to Fast and Easy Meal Prep [without losing your mind]

My special formula to turn those groceries into delicious meals in as little time as possible

Get Motivated and Stay Consistent

Inside the “MOTIVATION HUB”, you’ll learn my secret tricks to get and stay motivated, especially when “you’re not feeling it”

Private Support Group w/ Weekly Accountability

Get connected with other like-minded women who are rooting for your success and find an accountability partner so you can move forward in your weight loss journey with more confidence.

Are You Ready to

Party Off Your Pounds? 

Check out my POYP-Stars KICKING ASS!

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